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Financial Coaching Bootcamp

Financial Coaching Bootcamp is specifically designed for couples.

Find the best way to hold each other accountable to reach financial goals and more.

What this package includes:

  • 2-3 hr Zoom or in-person meeting
  • Learn how to create a budget for you
  • Set realistic financial goals
  • Plan how to reach each goal
  • Learn how to hold each other accountable

Please book a consultation to schedule Financial Coaching Bootcamp.

Financial Coaching Bootcamp$750
(for 2 people)

Group Session

Group Sessions are for a maximum of 10 people.

Group Sessions are about choosing personal finance topics that you want to learn and be coached in as a group.

Talking about money with friends does not have to be awkward, it should be helpful and uplifting.

I am going to teach you how to talk to your friends about money that will enable you to:

  1. Encourage one another on your financial journey
  2. Keep each other accountable to reach your financial goals

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What to expect during your first coaching session?

10 or more
Less than 10
$100 per person
$135 per person
per coaching session